EPG Case Study


The Company

EPG Gas is a results-driven, customer-focused company with a well-defined distribution system which allows EPG Gas to provide an uninterrupted supply of products and pride themselves on delivering a professional service.

The Challenge

EPG Gas is one of the specialist LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas companies in South Africa that puts great emphasis on reducing energy consumption. After the lighting audit was completed, it was clear that LEDcorp would have been able to reduce the energy consumption significantly and also improve lux levels.


The Solution
Phase 1:
The go-ahead was given by EPG to replace 85W CFL lights that did not provide sufficient lighting underneath the canopies of the fuel station and had a high failure rate. LEDcorp provided EPG Gas with 100W LED Low bays that replaced the 85W CFL lights effectively with a phenomenal improvement of the quality of the light.

Phase 2:
EPG once again approached LEDcorp after the success with phase 1 and requested a lighting audit to be done on their general security lighting. LEDcorp replaced EPG’s conventional 400W Metal Halide floodlights with LEDcorp’s 100W LED Floodlights. Once again, their lighting improved phenomenally with a 3.6 kW demand reduction and an annual 15768 kWh savings annually.

The Result
Apart from the improved lighting levels and the saving on electricity consumption LEDcorp has eliminated maintenance for EPG on their Low bay and floodlighting and provided EPG with a 5 year LEDcorp warranty with a minimum lifespan of 50 000 hours. EPG uses their lights for 12 hours each day, 365 days a year that means that their new LEDcorp LED lights will only lose 20% initial efficiency after at least 11 years of operation.