New LEDcorp XX1 200W and 300W LED Floodlight

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New LEDcorpXX1200Wand300WFloodlight

LEDcorp is proud to announce the launch of our new 200W and 300W LEDcorp XX1 LED floodlights. These two new products will replace our previous 300W and 400W LED Floodlights respectively.

Both the 200W and 300W LEDcorp XX1 LED floodlights give out more than 170 lm/W, carry a 7-year warranty and have a lifespan of more than 100 000 hours (L80B70) @ 45 degrees Celsius ambient temperature.

This results in an additional energy saving of 100W, an additional 2 years’ warranty and double the lifespan.
100W of additional savings calculates to R13 000 @ R1.30/ kWh over 100 000 hours which together with the doubled lifespan and increased warranty means you can offer your client additional benefits never before seen in LED lighting.