About LEDcorp


To provide our commercial and industrial clients with world class energy efficient LED lighting solutions that utilise the latest technologies available in solid state lighting.

About LEDcorp

LEDcorp was established as an LED lighting manufacturing and consulting company specialising in the industrial and commercial lighting sectors that provides top quality products and world class service to its clients.

All LEDcorp staff have evolved into lighting specialists with the ability to advise clients of the most cost-effective LED lighting solutions available to ensure the minimum cost spend required to achieve the maximum lighting results with the lowest energy consumption.

All LEDcorp’s LED lights are manufactured to world class standards and are tested according to our stringent quality standards. LEDcorp incorporates the latest and best LED technologies into its products and these technologies are expertly applied to the suitable lighting type to best suit the desired application. All LEDcorp products carry and industry leading 5 to 10-year warranty providing our clients with peace of mind and sustainability on their green investments.