Group Five Case Study

Group Five Case Study - Successfully reducing power consumption by 225 280 kWh by installing an energy efficient LED lighting solution

The Company

As the name suggests, Group Five came about through the amalgamation of at least five companies. The group became a listed entity on the JSE in May 1974. It has evolved to being a diversified construction, infrastructure concessions and services group with an established and growing international client base engaged in resources, energy and infrastructure delivery. The group’s business approach is encapsulated in its positioning statement of “Structured Ingenuity”: The word “structured” articulates Group Five’s ability to deliver products and services according to a tested methodology. The word “ingenuity” reflects the group’s ethos of meeting challenges with innovative solutions.

The Challenge
Group 5 is an ISO14001 accredited company and puts great emphasis on reducing consumption of energy. After the lighting audit was completed at their plant and equipment yard it was clear that LEDcorp would have been able to reduce the energy consumption significantly.

The Solution

The first part of the project was replacing Group 5’s 1000W HID mast lights with LEDcorp 200W Black Series LED Floodlights. These high mast lights play a vital role in providing illumination on valuable equipment stored in the yard at night.

The next part of the project was replacing the 400W mercury vapour high bays with LEDcorp’s 100W LED high bay. Sufficient lighting was important when replacing Group 5’s high bays since they are located in areas where employees work on and with equipment and a lack of lighting would make for dangerous working conditions.

The last part of the project was replacing all the security lights with energy efficient LEDcorp LED floodlights. The floodlights replaced varied from 36W CFL floodlights to 400W HID fittings with 10W to 70W LEDcorp Black Series Floodlights. This replacement was done after an extensive lighting audit and then applying the correct LED luminaire to the area depending on usage and application.

The Result
With a payback period of only 2 years LEDcorp was able to reduce Group 5’s plant and equipment yard’s demand with 63.6 kW and an annual kWh saving of 225 280 kWh. On top of the energy reductions maintenance on lighting is now a thing of the past and Group 5’s employees can focus their energy on more productive things than maintaining lights.

100W LED High Bay100W LED High Bay

200W LED Floodlight200W LED Floodlight

100W LED Floodlight100W Floodlight

70W LED Floodlight70W Floodlight