Tubecon Africa Case Study

Tubecon Africa | LED lighting case study

The Company
Started in 1977, Tubecon Africa has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of cold formed steel and high strength steel products in South Africa. With a steel manufacturing facility in Rosslyn, Pretoria, and a branch in Cape Town, Tubecon Africa is able to supply steel hollow sections, lip channels, conduit and lancing tube with short lead times throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.

The Challenge
Tubecon Africa being ISO 9001:2008 certified regards lighting as a very important part of their operation. After the lighting audit was completed by LEDcorp it was realised that there was great potential for reducing energy consumption on their current lighting. Another crucial factor was the time and resources spent on maintaining their current lighting.

Tubecon Africa with high bay LED Lights installed

The Solution
The go-ahead was given to replace the 234 x 400W Mercury Vapour high bay fittings with LEDcorp’s 100W LED High Bays. An additional 10 x 400W floodlights and high bays were removed which were no longer needed after the LEDcorp LED High Bays were installed.

The Result
The result of this replacement was a demand reduction of 85.23 kW and a yearly energy saving of 313,578 kWh with a minute payback period of less than a year and a half with an average daily usage of 9 hours per day 7 days a week. A lux level of between 200 and 400 was achieved throughout the warehouse complying with health and safety regulations. Furthermore to the energy savings the maintenance on lighting is now virtually nonexistent due to LEDcorp’s LED light engines having a lifespan of 50 000 – 80 000 hours compared to the 6 000 hours of the conventional HID lamps.

100W LED High Bay light used in Tubecon Africa100W High Bay